Development of Measurement System for Patients with Swellings

Development of a new measurement system that can support existing knowledge about the effect of bandaging patients with swelling.


Bandaging swollen limps is currently a major challenge. Nobody really knows how much bandaging helps and whether it exerts the correct compression. If the wrapping is not properly applied, it may result in prolonged treatment time for the patient and, in worst cases, lead to the appearance of unnecessary leg ulcers, which take a long time to heal. 20180110_Udvikling af målesystem til patienter med hævelser


There are currently no products that can measure and meet the need for knowledge about the effect of bandages on swelling body parts. The Danish Technological Institute will, therefore, in cooperation with A/S, develop a measurement system that will help both healthcare professionals and patients to keep track of changes and replacements to obtain the correct compression, whether the patient may dispose of it too early and if the dressing gives the desired effect.



The purpose of the project is to further develop a prototype of the measurement system, focusing on functionality and design. In addition, the purpose is to test the prototype in relevant areas of work such as in hospitals and in the patient's own home.


In addition, the project aims to screen the potential of the product for use in various areas of the healthcare sector, such as private homes, hospitals, care centres, etc.


At the end of the test, it is expected that the documentation shows a wide potential for use and that it will:

  • Improve the quality of life for patients in their own homes
  • Improve the workflow of healthcare professionals
  • Have a time-saving potential, including fewer, but more correct and optimal bandages
  • Result in better handling of own (sick)care.


As a natural part of the Patient@home process, the product will be validated and adjusted for foreign markets, tested and evaluated.


Expected Results

The project is expected to result in a product model and tested sensor with major market opportunities in Denmark as well as in other European countries, including Germany, The Netherlands, Sweden and Norway.

In addition, the use of the product is expected to:

  • Lead to shorter treatment time for patients with swelling
  • Reduce complications of swelling
  • Reduce treatment costs as treatment becomes optimal
  • Streamline the healthcare professionals’ workflow and their time spent with the patients


The new measurement system is expected to contribute to a reduction in bandage shifts by 20-25%. 

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