Innovation Model

Patient@home has developed an innovation model that forms the basis of the products and services being developed in the project


The innovation model consists of five phases: 1) Requirement; 2) Concept; 3) Proof of concept; 4) Products/Services; 5) Testing and Evaluation. Depending on the individual innovation processes, the various phases can be of different lengths and contain fewer, more, or other activities than the ones listed, in order to adapt to existing development processes - which can vary widely depending on the type of innovation, industry and company in question.


The innovation process of Patient@home may start at different stages. However, in general, all innovation projects start no later than phase 4 (Product/Services) to make room within the project period for testing and adaptation of the solution in question.


20151105_Innovation Model_lille

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Contact PersonJørgen 

Jørgen  Løkkegaard

Director, Health and Human Interaction Technologies Innovation Manager in Patient@home

Teknologisk Institut, Center for Velfærds- og Interaktionsteknologi