Become Business Partner

Patient@home is an open research and innovation collaboration initiative aimed at health professionals, enterprises, researchers, users and patients across disciplines and sectors - and you have the opportunity to be part of it...


Being an enterprise, you have the opportunity to get close to the Patient@home initiative and the knowledge and products initiated by it - either as a partner or a stakeholder.


Get close to new markets and needs

As a business partner, you and your company get a unique opportunity to get close to concrete knowledge of the healthcare sector's real needs and wishes for the future. You are invited into an active and dynamic collaboration project, where you, through participation in specific activities aimed at developing novel technologies, get acquainted with new welfare-technology markets and market areas - and thus get a special opportunity to help build a strong position for Denmark in a new and international market for innovative and intelligent welfare products and services.


Get new collaboration partners

For enterprises, participation in Patient@home is also a special opportunity to inch towards the latest knowledge on welfare technology, primarily aimed at rehabilitation and monitoring of patients in their own homes. As a business partner, you get direct access to Danish and international research, laboratories and test facilities within this area. Through project meetings, workshops and conferences you and your enterprise are invited to join a collaboration initiative where you can gain new experience, new knowledge and, not least, build new partner relationships with experts and specialists in the fields of health and technology.


As a business partner you are expected to participate actively in the work within and around Patient@home.


Patient@home was terminated per. 1 February 2018

Contact PersonNatalie 

Natalie  Lundquist

Project Coordinator

Syddansk Universitet, Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller Instituttet